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We hear at SOL (Southern Outdoor Lifestyle) spent years in the corporate world and realized our hearts belongs with the Mountains, Oceans, Rivers , and People that the South offers on a daily basis. To enable this, we have created SOL so we can interact support and exchange ideas with the world around us.

Southern Outdoor Lifestyle

Our logo represents who we are & what we want out of life. It is a sun with a long leaf pine tree sapling. This combination of images conveys what we love about ourselves and the South. The wonderful weather along with the pine that has supported and built this region and country.

SOL's Goal

We are hoping to help, in our own small way, to help introduce a Renaissance for the Long Leaf Pine Tree. We want to allow nature to flourish and teach the next generation how important it is to nurture the Outdoors. We want to show you what we love about the things around us and want to know what you love about the people places and food around you!

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